Ontario’s stay-at-home orders affects local-based TV and film productions

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s stay-at-home orders were announced Friday, April 16 with new directives including new public health measures and enforcement that comes into effect this weekend. COVID-19 cases in Ontario has been steadily rising as the province reported 4,362 cases and 34 deaths Saturday. According to the Government of Ontario’s website, the stay atContinue reading “Ontario’s stay-at-home orders affects local-based TV and film productions”

Global News resignation controversy highlights systemic racism

This story (linked below) from Vice regarding a radio host quitting piqued my interest as Global News have been in the media headlines recently especially regarding the allege “culture of racist microaggressions”. https://www.vice.com/en/article/7k9xgb/prominent-global-news-supriya-dwivedi-host-quits-alleging-on-air-climate-increased-racist-threats Working in a newsroom is an extremely competitive environment. It’s tough, deadline-driven and it’s even more challenging when you’re a person ofContinue reading “Global News resignation controversy highlights systemic racism”

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